Managing Users

Adding a New User:

To add a new user, please navigate to Settings>Users>Add New User:



Editing (+Resetting Password for) Users :

If you made a mistake while creating a user, or, if the temporary password has expired and you would like to reset it, that's easily fixable via the "Edit" button:



Deactivating Users (Admins only):

When it comes to deactivating users, there are multiple options admins can choose from:

  1. Set inactive - User cannot log in. Typically for user who leaves the firm. Users client/plans will not show up on firm reports and others cannot access them 
  2. Lock Account - Locks the user out and does not allow logging in
  3. Unassign Seat - Allows admins to transfer the "seat" (license) to a new account/email without purchasing an additional "seat"



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