Report Builder (View Report) & Summary Report

Report Builder vs. Summary Report:

While Summary Report is more simple and provides Cashflow report, the Report Builder (View Report) goes beyond with its' customization features and provides:

  1. Accounts breakdown
  2. Taxes
  3. Cashflow
  4. RMDs
  5. Cumulative Wealth
  6. Assets and more


How to get to Report Builder (View Report) & Summary Report:

Both of these reports can be found under the "Clients">"Plans"




Summary Report:

As mentioned above, the summary report provides a brief outline of the client's cashflow over time. It can be access from within one of a client's plans as seen in the image above.

Report Builder:

The more in-depth report builder function allows you to generate a more comprehensive report including cashflows, accounts in the client's portfolio, income, expenses, RMD reports and more. The report builder functionality allows you to include as few or as many pieces of information as you would like to customize the prospecting process for you and your clients. 


Report Customization Settings: 

In addition to being able to add or remove sections from the report builder feature, you are also able to add customizations to the reports you generate including custom cover page formatting, logos and other branding. Please note that these customizations are only available for users with an admin role on Vestevo.



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