Income Planner Insurance

Insurance Policy does not directly factor into the plan output calculations. It is used to calculate the potential shortfall between your policy’s death benefit and your future needs.


Life Insurance Calculator

The life insurance calculator aids in determining future expenses if the client or spouse passes away unexpectedly.  

Year of Death:  Unexpected year of death

Insurance Needed:  Sum of remaining future goals and expenses after Year of Death

In Force Policies:  Death Benefit of the Insurance Policy

Difference = Insurance Needed – In Force Policy


Long Term Insurance Calculator

The long term insurance calculator aids in determining LTC costs based on current monthly expenses.

Monthly Expense %:  Percentage of monthly Expenses. Once selected, click the refresh wheel

Current Monthly Cost:  Calculated monthly costs based on adjusted Monthly Expense %

Cost increase %:  Projected inflation of expenses

Age Entering Facility (years):  Start of LTC

Years of Care Needed:  Duration of LTC

Projected Monthly Expense:  Value of monthly expenses at start of Age Entering Facility year

Total LTC Costs = (Projected Monthly Expense) x (Years of Care Needed)

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