Income Planner Plan Output

Straight-Line Projection

The income planner results are straight-line projections. You can think of these results as a pass (surplus of funds) or fail (shortage of funds). Straight-line projections provide reasonable estimates of how the plan will look in the future by estimating future growth and costs. The results help to identify a benchmark based on the inputs entered but they do not account for external risk factors (such as market crash, changes in the political environment, natural disasters, etc.).

 Cumulative Wealth

The Cumulative Wealth is the ending portfolio value in the last year of the plan. The last year of the plan is the last year of the goals entered.  

  • Pass Result
    • Cumulative Wealth will be a positive number and the text will be black.
  • Fail Result
    • Cumulative wealth will be a negative number and the text will be red.

 Shortfall Analysis

The purpose of the shortfall analysis is to illustrate the estimated age (failing point) and estimated ending portfolio value (shortage amount) of the plan.

  • Pass Result
    • The shortfall analysis will have no information since the plan meets all goals.
  • Fail Result
    • The shortfall analysis will display the year and age of the client where the plan runs out of funds.
    • The displayed amount is the net amount needed for the remainder of the plan (from when the plan ran out of money to the last year of your goals).

Cash Flow Graph

The cash flow graph illustrates the desired cash needs against income sources and account distributions. The purpose is to help visualize the timing and amount of any shortfall or overage at any point in the plan.


 Example of Pass (Surplus) Output


Example of Fail (Shortage) Output


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