Income Planner Assets

Assets will be used to satisfy goals if the inflow amounts are not sufficient. 

Auto-Sort ON

By default, plan goals are satisfied in ranking order for a given year by:

  1. Income, RMD, FIA Income, Taxable Accounts and Account Specific Withdrawals
  2. Tax-Deferred Accounts
  3. Tax-Exempt Accounts

Auto-Sort OFF

Turning auto-sort off allows you to customize the order of distribution for your assets. This is accomplished by dragging the accounts on the left-most side of the asset input and placing all assets in your desired distribution order.


RMD Sweep

RMD Sweeps allows you to move your RMDs into a specific account.

  1. Turn RMD Sweep on
  2. Click EDIT on the account you want to move your RMDs to
  3. Click the box for the RMD account
  4. Click SAVE



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