Getting Started: Quovo Account Aggregation

Quovo's aggregation technology allows users to collect account data from over 14,000 financial institutions across the US, UK, and Canada.  Quovo is an easier and more efficient way of gathering your client's account data and using it within inStream's robust planning technology. 

Follow the steps below to get Quovo set up for your practice:

Purchasing a Quovo License

You will need to subscribe to Quovo's account aggregation platform to be able to gather your client's accounts from their respective financial institutions. 

See article: How to Purchase a Quovo License

Step 1 - Gathering your Client's Held-Away Accounts

Once you are subscribed to Quovo's account aggregation platform, you will have the ability to gather your client's Held-Away accounts and portfolios from their respective financial institutions.

See article: Gather your Client's Held-Away Accounts

See also: Using the Prospect Tool to Gather Held-Away Accounts

Step 2 - Importing Held-Away Accounts to the Profile

After you have gathered your client's accounts from their financial institutions, you can now import these accounts into the client's profile and use them to create plans. 

See article: Importing Held-Away Accounts to the Profile







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