Quovo (Step 2) - Importing Held-Away Accounts to the Client's Profile

Before following the steps below, make sure you have first gathered your clients or prospects Held-Away accounts from their respective financial institutions. 

Please see the article: Quovo (Step 1) - Gather your Client's Held-Away Accounts

See also: Quovo - Using the Prospect Tool to Gather Held-Away Accounts  

How to Import Held-Away Accounts to the Client's Profile

1. Must first have Held-Away Accounts uploaded into inStream (see article above)

2. Go to the client's Profile > Finances > Select the Accounts sub-tab > then click  + Add New Account


3. Click on Account Aggregation


4. Select the account(s) you want to import into the profile and then select +Import

Note: Negative account balances will not be used in the plan



5. Accounts will now show under your client's Profile and can be used to create Plans 

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