Quovo (Step 1) - Gather your Client's Held-Away Accounts

Note: You will need to be subscribed to Quovo's account aggregation platform to be able to gather your client's accounts from their respective financial institutions.  Click here to subscribe.

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Gathering your Client's Held-Away Accounts

Once you are subscribed to Quovo's account aggregation platform, you will have the ability to gather your client's held-away accounts and portfolios from their respective financial institutions.

Please follow the steps to gather these accounts:

1. Go to the client's Profile you want to gather the held-away accounts

2. Click on the button Add Held-Away


3. Enter your client's email address


4. Create a personalized message for your client


5. An email will be sent to your client with a link to allow them to upload their accounts to inStream.

6. You will be alerted via email and the inStream Dashboard once your client's account and portfolio data is available in inStream.



After you have gathered your client's accounts from their financial institutions, you can now import these accounts into the client's profile and use them to create plans. 

Please see: Quovo (Step 2) - Importing Held-Away Accounts to the Profile




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