Quovo - Using the Prospect Tool to Gather Held-Away Accounts

Note: You will need to be subscribed to Quovo's account aggregation platform to be able to gather your client's accounts from their respective financial institutions.  Click here to subscribe.

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After subscribing to Quovo's aggregation platform, you will have the ability to use the Prospect Tool to gather your client's Held-Away accounts. Go through the prospect wizard with your client by selecting Advisor or send them an email by selecting Prospect.


How to Gather Held-Away Accounts through the + Add a prospect wizard

1. Go to Clients tab > Click on + Add a prospect


2. Choose either Advisor (if you will be the one inputting the data) or Prospect (to send an email to your prospect for them to fill out the wizard)

3. If you had selected Advisor > Go through the wizard until you reach the Accounts Info screen

4. Click Add Held-away Account to launch QuovoPropect_tool_2.jpg

5. Enter in the Institution Name and select the account type


6. Your client will need to provide their login credentials to connect their accounts


7. Select Done and continue filling out the rest of the wizardBank_Bank1.jpg

After you have gathered your client's accounts from their financial institutions, you can now import these accounts into the client's profile and use them to create plans. 

Please see: Quovo (Step 2) - Importing Held-Away Accounts to the Profile


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