Adding Users to your Firm

If you have a current subscription, you may have new advisors in your firm that want to use inStream as well.  There are 3 steps to add a user.

1. Add a New user to the firm.

Before you can purchase and assign the seat to an advisor, you need to make sure the administrator has already created the user. Click here for instructions.

2. Pay for the seat

Once the user is created, the new user will need to pay for their seat.  If the advisor is paying for their own seat they should login through the advisor role to purchase their seat.  If the firm is paying for the new seat, then the administrator can log in using the admin role to pay for the additional seat.  Click here for details.

3. Assign the seat.

Once the seat is purchased, the administrator will need to assign the seat the user before the inStream subscription is activated.  Click here for more information.

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