Tax Glide Path Update


We have made changes to the default Tax Glide Path settings (located in the Profile section).  The Tax Glide Path is used to determine which incomes are used when calculating the marginal taxes for your client’s plans.  Since a plan may not require all or just certain incomes, you are able to select which incomes to include in the tax calculation.  As of August 25, all new income created in the profile will not be included in the Tax Glide Path.  Current plans will not be affected by this change.  See the image below.


What this means is that going forward, only the income used in a particular plan will be included in the Tax Glide Path.  Before this change, it was by default to have all income listed in the Profile to be included in the Tax Glide Path for all plans.  If you do want to include all income in the profile, or want to add a specific income into your clients plans, you can do this by going to:  Profile > Taxes > Tax Glide Path and selecting the incomes you want included.

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