Accounts Table Report

inStream offers additional reporting to help you better analyze the output and and gain a deeper understanding of the results before presenting  the plan to your client.  

The Accounts Table Report presents a consolidated breakdown of year end portfolio account values (Future Dollars) and any distributions over the life of the plan according to the applicable tax category.   

In the example below, you can see that in 2020 the year end value of the portfolio is $480,410 and the balance in the Taxable accounts is $216,751 after the distribution of $44,600 in that year.


To add the Accounts Table Report to your output follow these steps:

1. Select your plan then select "View Output"

2. In report builder, make sure "Cash Flow" is added to your report then  click on the + sign beside "Cash Flow"

3. Check the "Accounts Table" checkbox to include the table in the report.


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