Release - Deployed 10/15/2016


  • A notice on how incomes are used in plans will appear when adding payroll income to a goals based plan
  • Ability to upload formatted tables from Microsoft Word into a custom page in report builder
  • “Net Goals” title in the in the cash flow statement has been changed to “Net Goals & Fees”
  • Applied consistent return set for each cell in the scenario matrix.
  • Users have the option to dismiss “Milestones” from the dashboard
  • Users can now input custom value of 0% for standard deviation
  • Users now have the option to add a description for a contribution
  • When deleting a firm model as a firm admin, the admin will need to select a replacement model for any plans currently using the model up for deletion
  • Ability to add Advisor designations on the plan output.


  • Admin can now delete a previously uploaded logo, rather than just replace it
  • Users must now have “Edit” selected before changing allocations within a plan
  • Quick Tasks have been removed from the dashboard
  • Update to graphs in the trends section.
  • The Tax Table, “Median Top Marginal Rate” and “Median Effective Rate” are now appearing correctly
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