Release – Deployed 11/12/2016


  • Users can now view the year of retirement for a client and co-clients within the profile tab
  • Assets and Liabilities on the Net Worth Summary are now broken down to display Accounts, Properties, and Insurance 
  • Users can now view a co-client’s last name on the plan report 
  • The Goal Timeline graph in the report output now displays 1-year goals
  • Advisor designations can now be added to the plan report output
  • Ability to “mouse over” long plan names to view the entire name


  • Multiple same-account contributions are no longer causing an issue with displayed accounts in the plan report
  • Broken links in automated “Add New User” emails have been repaired
  • Issue with report builder template requiring a page refresh has been resolved
  • Scenario Matrix is now accurately factoring in contributions for accounts where the account value is zero
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