Updating Credit Card

There are several reasons you may want to update your credit card: 

  • Expiration date has passed
  • Billing address has changed
  • You received a new card
  • You want us to charge a different card

To access your subscription, login to inStream as either an advisor or administrator and click the box to the right of your name.

Next select the the Subscription button.  

From the Subscription settings, click on Update Billing.  If you were the person who paid for your seat, you will see your existing credit card information. In this section, you can update the credit card number, expiration, or CVV number. Make sure to click Save if you make changes to the credit card. 


To update your current billing address information, scroll to the Update Billing section. Once here, you can change any part of the billing information for the credit card on file. Make sure to click Save if changes are made. 


After you have saved your changes, the following message displays.

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