Adding a Customized Page

Using inStream’s custom page feature, you can now add the following items to the report:

  • Firm disclosures
  • Recommendations and action items
  • Cover letter
  • Meeting notes

The firm administrator can create a firm template with the custom page, or the advisor can create their own template. In our example, the firm administrator will be creating a new template with their disclosures so everyone in their firm can use the plan template. Login as an Admin, and click on the Settings tab then on Report Templates.Next, add the appropriate report pages by checking each one and then click Add Custom PageClick to expand the Custom Page, and copy and paste your disclosures into the text box.Make sure to save your changes to the template by clicking the Save button. Name the new template and click Save, and everyone in your firm will now be able to select the template to use for their plan outputs.

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