Lesson 4.3 - Setting up Search Alerts (VIDEO)

Search Alerts are a powerful way of staying on top of what’s going on in your clients’ lives - everything from that article they would be interested in to significant planning opportunities.

Here is a video on how to set up search alerts:

To create a search alert - in the Profile section open up the Exploration tab, click on Interests, and then Add an Interest.

You may put in any additional description you would like, and select who this interest applies to. Next, you want to put in the keywords that you want to search each week. You can include as many words as you would like, just think of it as you would enter in search terms into any search engine. Depending on how specific your alert is you can either have the program create a new search each week, or just update the existing search. If the alert is relatively specific, we recommend that you generate a new search each week. This way, you’ll be sure to see new results, if any have come up. If the alert is very generic, we recommend that you update the existing alert each week. This way, you won’t become inundated with search results each week that are exactly the same.

To see the results of the alert, head over to the Alert area (either the client alert section or the main alert section), and then open up the alert updates.

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