Lesson 5.2 - Tracking Plans

Tracking plans are one of the keys to making inStream a proactive planning tool. They allow you to continuously monitor how your clients are doing relative to their goals. By rerunning all of your tracking plans, every night, we can let you know whenever a plan drifts outside of your comfort range, so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

One thing to note is that Tracking Plans should only be used if you are pulling account information into inStream every night through integration with one of your other systems. If you have the program rerun the analysis on the same numbers every night all you’re doing is adding noise - there is no new information to analyze.

To set up a tracking plan simply open up the plan that you would like to track, and click the Tracking  heading on the right side of the screen. 

Once you tell the program to track the plan you have a few options. The first one is the Threshold Range. Any time the probability moves outside of this range you will get an alert. The default range is 75% - 90%. There is no magic to these numbers. Put in whatever numbers make sense for the client and the plan.

The next option is the Review Reminder. This lets you set an interval to remind you to take a look at a plan even if it does not drift outside of the Threshold Range. The Starting date below allows you to set when the interval starts. The last option is the Priority of the alert that will be generated when the plan moves outside of the Threshold Range. By default it is set to Smart priority, which will automatically determine the tracking plan’s alert priority, based on how far the probability strays from the Threshold Range. Of course, depending on the client, and the plan, you can also select a more appropriate alert priority.Lesson_4.2__Image_2.jpg


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