Release 1.2.2 - Deployed 3/14/2014


  • Two (2) Week Trial Period Extension for New Users that Complete an Integration with One of Our Partners
  • Ability to Save Plan Templates for the Clients of Another Advisor that is in Your Same Firm (Must have Firm-Wide Access)
  • Financial Plans - Dividend Tax Drag is Now Applied to All Asset Classes
  • Safe Savings Rate (SSR) Plans - Contribution & Distribution Schedule is Now Included by Default in the SSR Plan Output
  • Life Insurance Calculator - Improved Display of Policy Expiration Dates
  • Minor Copy Edits


  • Client Errors Specific to Dual-Registered Firms
  • Firm Administrator - Bug Related to Unlocking a User
  • HELOC Calculator was Displaying an Error on Calculation
  • Corrected the Color of Alert Priorities in the My Alerts Widget
  • Isolated Error when Adding Management Fees for a Client
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