Lesson 1.2 - Setting up your advisor profile

The Advisor profile section stores all personal information specific to your inStream account. The subscription information allows you to manage your billing and subscription information.

To access your profile, login to inStream as either an advisor or administrator and click the box to the right of your name.

Next select the the Profile button.  


The profile section contains the following information:

Contact Info - Enter your name and designation.

Firm - Enter your firm address.

Security - Change your password and security question.

Tech- Tell inStream which CRM & Portfolio Management systems you are using. 

Signature - Create your signature for any emails sent from within inStream.


You can use the Upload Avatar feature to upload a picture to display in inStream. For optimal results we recommend using an image with the dimensions of 50 x 50 pixel (width x height).

Note: There is a profile completeness meter on the right side of the user profile that lets you know if you need to fill out additional information to get the best experience out of inStream!


The Subscription section allows you to add users, update your credit card and view your payment history. To update this information, select Subscription.

For more information on how to add users to your existing subscriptions, please take a look at the support article Purchase and Assign New Seats.

For more information on how to update your billing information, please read our article Updating Credit Card.



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    Erik Berry

    Please consider adding the recommended avatar image size to this page.  It shows in at least two different sizes on the web site, The upload feature appears to accept other sizes, but squishes them where the image get distorted if they are not about square.

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