Lesson 1.1 - Introduction

Welcome to inStream Academy!

The purpose of these lessons is to walk through the different parts of inStream and turn you into a lean, mean (proactive) planning machine. All of the different articles are available on our support site if you want to jump ahead, but we don’t want to dump everything on you at once - unless you want us to.

Note: If you have not registered yet, please take a look at this article on signing up for an InStream subscription.

To get started, there are three specific areas that we are going to cover:

Adding Users

  • Now that you’ve signed up, you need to get everyone on to the system. To learn more about adding users, take a look at the inStream Academy article Managing Users.

Adding Model Allocations/Portfolios

Importing Clients into inStream

  • You may  want to import your clients into inStream so you won't need to manually enter all of them. We have two ways to help you do this - If you use Orion, you can set up the integration to import client information directly or you can set up a CSV import. To learn more about importing from Orion, see Orion- Importing Clients and Accounts. To learn about importing from a CSV file, see How Do You Import a Client from a CSV File.

Bringing Account Values into inStream

Do you want us to automatically update your clients’ accounts every night? If you use one of our integration partners, this section will show you how to link your portfolio management system to inStream. This is essential for continual, automatic, monitoring your client's financial situation. We integrate with multiple partners to import account values, you can review a list of our partners here. If you don't see your portfolio management system listed, let us know who you are using so we can focus future development efforts in the right place. You can follow the instructions throughout our support site to get your integrations set up. You can also send us an email or submit a support ticket and we'll help set up the integration for you.

Using inStream

Once you complete the lessons in this section you should have everything set up to start entering client information.  In the next lesson we will focus on how to set up the Client Profile.

We have many useful features, and we welcome your feedback. You can contact us anytime at inStream Support





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    Randy Hux

    Received an error message when I clicked on the partners button to see who you import numbers from daily. Error message said 404 page not found.

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