Liability Amortization Schedules

An amortization schedule is a table detailing each periodic payment for an amortized loan. inStream has the ability to show an amortization schedule for each liability a client has.

To view an amortization schedule of a liability, first you must navigate to the Profile section of the client you want to view and enter in a liability.

In the profile section of your Client select Finances.

From the Finances section, select Liabilities then click Add a New Liability.

Enter the inputs to calculate the payment: Initial Amount, Balance DueInterest Rate (Fixed), Start Year & End Year.

Check the box Auto-Calculate Balance Due, and enter the Start Date (Month).  Then click Calculate to get the calculated payment amount.

You can view the amortization schedule by clicking on the Amortization Schedule button. After the schedule pops up, you can download the output to a PDF.


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