How to Add Annual Net Contributions

Contributions are the best way to account for planned savings. They represent money that is actually going into the specified account, and as such, represent after tax money. To add a contribution, on the Client Profile open up the account that you would like the account to go into. Hover on the Net Contribution field, and then click on the edit button. If you are creating a new account, the contribution fields are automatically visible. 

Enter the annual contribution amount, the start and end years, and the contribution inflation rate. Once that is done, click the Save button and the contribution is ready to go. 

If you would like, you can add multiple contribution streams to the same account - just hit the Add Another Contribution button.

Note: If an account with a contribution is included in a Safe Savings Rate plan, the account will be eligible to receiving contributions. However, the amount will be determined as part of the Safe Savings Rate plan analysis, and may not match with the amount you have entered

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