Lesson 2.4 - Overview of Network

Within the Network area there are three sections- Family, Community, and Advisors. 


We’ll work with John Smith here. We’ve created him and his wife Jane as a Client and Co-Client, but we need to enter everything else. We’ll start by filling out all of John’s basic info - address, where he works, and the same for Jane.

To complete this process, select John's name then click the Edit button. Once you have entered all the information, click Save.

After entering Jane’s info, we’ll put in their sons, Joe & Jim. Just click on the Add Family Member button (shown above) and enter their children’s name. We’ll now go in and fill in their info - relationship to the client, gender, birth date, etc.


The Community area is available to keep track of anyone else that is important to this client relationship. Any association with a professional or sphere of influence should be included here. 

To complete this process, select Community then click Add a Community Member.

Below you can see the different relationship options. After filling in the relevant information, like we did in the family section, you can refer back to it whenever you would like.


The last section in the Network area is Advisors. Here you can keep track of any other advisors that John might be working with. 

To complete this process, select Advisors then click Add a New Advisor.

Enter the advisor information, their specialties and who the advisor applies to. Entering the rest of the advisors info is just like entering a family member or a community member. The one additional piece of information is the ability to note that you have a signed information sharing agreement with them.

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