Deleting a Client

Before you can delete a client, first you must archive the client. Within a client's profile, click the client's name in the header.  

From the Current Status drop-down menu, depending on the circumstance, select either Terminated (Archive) or Deceased (Archive), then click Save Client.

A new screen will appear asking, Are you sure you want to Archive the client? To continue, click Archive Client.

You will then be directed to the Archived tab where you will see each archived client. You will also see a Delete button that will permanently remove their data and plans from inStream.

Once you are ready to permanently remove their data and plans from inStream, click the Delete button. 

Once you have selected the Delete button, the following screen appears. Click Yes, Delete Client. 


Note: The Archived section is a place where you can keep a record of your past clients without them showing up in your current data. When you delete them from inStream, we will not have a way to retrieve their information again. 

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