Albridge - Setting up the Integration

Once you have completed the First Steps for the Albridge Integration, you can follow the steps below to get the integration set up in inStream:

Login to inStream as an Advisor.

After logging into inStream, click on the Settings tab then click on the Integrations tab. You will find Albridge under the Portfolio Manager section. Click edit to enter your Albridge FI (Financial Institution) ID and Partner User ID.

 Once you’ve entered both ID’s, click the Connect to Albridge button.Setting_up_the_Albridge_Integration__Image_2.jpg

You should receive a message that you have successfully linked your Albridge account to inStream. Take a look at our support article Importing Accounts from Albridge to link up your Albridge accounts to your clients and start planning!


Note: Remember, the Albridge FI ID is provided by your home office. If you need your Albridge Partner User ID, please email out

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