Albridge - First Steps for the Integration

If you are using Albridge for your Portfolio Management System, we have an integration that will help import client accounts into inStream. The integration allows inStream to update the account values on a daily basis which means tracking your client’s situation more accurately. In order to setup Albridge, you have just a few simple steps:

  1. Email and let us know that you are interested in the Albridge integration.

  2. Once our support team confirms this is active, login to inStream and go to settings>integrations>albridge.


  1. Copy the Albridge Partner User ID to give to your home office.

  2. Your home office will enter the Partner ID into their AVN admin tool. 

  3. Lastly, make sure to get your Financial Institution (FI) ID from your home office.

Important Note: For the Financial Institution (FI) ID, please reach out to your home office to get the correct ID number. The FI ID is related to your broker-dealer.

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