CSV - Importing Accounts

inStream’s CSV Account import tool will allow you to create and update your client’s investment accounts easily and quickly. If you can get their account information into excel you can get it into inStream.

To begin, go to the Clients section of inStream and click on Import. Under the Import menu, select CSV Account Import.

From here, you can select the file to upload by clicking Upload File.

If you have not set up your import file, you can grab a copy of the template from clicking on the download or you can also find the file the bottom of this support article.  Fill out the applicable information. 

Note: The required fields for this import are:

  • Account Owner Name
  • Account Tax Category
  • Account Number

If you would like to include other account information, you just need to make sure it is formatted so that inStream can understand it.  Below is a table of the acceptable inputs:

Column Header

Valid Values

Account Owner Name

Any string value (alpha-numeric)

Account Type

Any inStream account type, or any string value (alpha-numeric).

Account Tax Category

Taxable, Tax deferred, Tax exempt

Account Name

Any string value (alpha-numeric)


TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Pershing, Charles Schwab, or any string value.

Account Number

Any string value (alpha-numeric)

Current Value

Dollar amount. Will default to $0.00 if left empty.

Cost Basis

Dollar amount. Will default to $0.00 if left empty.

Managed Status

Managed, Managed-Full Custody, Not Managed


Any string value (alpha-numeric)

Last Updated Date


After you have uploaded the file, inStream will check the file for any issues. As long as there are no errors, you can import the accounts. Now click on Review.

Once you see the accounts you want to attach to the client, just click Import.

If everything worked correctly, you should see a message that you have attached the accounts successfully. Click OK to complete the process.


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