Blueleaf - Importing Accounts

Once you have completed Setting up the Blueleaf Integration you are now ready to start importing accounts for your clients.  

Please note:  Blueleaf integrates at the account level only, so you need to set up the client before you will be able to import accounts.

Go to the Clients tab, and select the "Client" for whom you will start importing accounts.


From the Profile section select Finances.

Under the Finances section, select Accounts then click Add a New Account.

From the Add New Account list, select Blue Leaf Account.

Look for your client’s accounts using the Filter Terms search bar. You can search by account name, account owner, or account number. By default, the filter term field will be filled with the client’s last name. The accounts that appear in light grey have already been imported.

Once you have found the accounts that relate to your client, click Import from the right column. After all of the accounts are selected for the import click Finished.


You can now check to make sure the account information is correctAccounts that have been imported from Blueleaf can still have some details edited.  For example, you may edit the tax category, account type, or owner. If everything is correct, click Save. 




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