Redtail - Step 1 (Setting up the Integration)

If you are using Redtail for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, we have an integration that will help import client profiles and accounts into inStream. The integration allows inStream to import complete client households and all of their accounts.  It’s important to keep your CRM database updated as inStream will also update your clients’ data on a daily basis, making it even easier to track your clients more accurately.

There are just a few simple steps to setup the Redtail integration:

  1. Contact and let us know that you are interested in the Redtail integration.

  2. Provide your firm’s Redtail Database Owner’s (DBO) username - please, no passwords. The database name is typically the first and last name of the database owner (typically- not always). Database owner users can access this information by clicking on their name in the upper right > manage your subscriptions > sign in using Redtail credentials > personal information. Database Name is the last field in that window.

  3. Our Support team will turn on your firm’s Redtail integration and notify you when it’s ready.

After you are notified your firm is ready for the integration, you can proceed to Step 2- Setting up the Redtail Integration to link and import your clients and their account

Important Note: All contacts will be visible to the advisor who uses the DBO credentials. This means inStream will pull in every contact from Redtail CRM including clients, non-clients, and even people on your newsletter mailing lists.  If you would like to avoid this, please proceed to Step 3- Creating Redtail Teams to to learn more about setting this up.




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