TDA VEO - Setting up the Integration

Once you have completed the First Steps for the TDA integration, you will need to login as an Advisor.    


Go to the Settings tab and click Integrations. Enter in your credentials, and click Connect to Veo.   

It's important to note that the Veo Account you initially connect with must be able to see all of the Rep Codes that you would like to have access to across your firm.

The rep codes will be available in inStream the next business day.


After waiting 1 business day, login as an Administrator to assign the appropriate Rep codes to the appropriate advisors.


 Go to the Users tab, and click on the advisor who will need the TDA Rep Codes.Setting_up_the_TDA_Veo_Integration__Image_4.jpg

Click on the TDA Rep Codes drop-down menu, and select the codes associated with the advisor. Click Save Changes after you have selected the codes for the advisor.

The TDA Veo integration is now setup, and you are ready to begin importing accounts.

You may also want to take a look at our article on Importing Accounts from Veo.

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