Orion -First Steps for Integration

UPDATE: Orion no longer requires the Info Sharing Authorization

If you are using Orion for your Portfolio Management System, we have an integration that will simplify client creation and importing accounts. The integration allows inStream to update the account values on a daily basis which means tracking your client’s situation more accurately. However, there is some information we will need from you to connect the platform:

1. API Account User ID

2. API Account password

How to obtain the Orion Service Account information

STEP 1:  Create an API user login (Through Orion)

1. Open Manage Users app 

2. Click Advisors (right-hand side)

3. Click Actions (middle of the page) > New User 

4. Enter only the following information: 

User ID = api_YourFirmName_inStream (note: The section for "YourFirmName" can be an abbreviated version if you wish)

Last Name = inStream

Email = any firm email address is fine to enter here, but best to select one that you have access to in case you need to reset the password

5. Click "Profiles" on the left

6. Select the Role "API/Integration Role (Not Editable)"

7. Save > Choose "Show me the temp password" (Copy/Paste this somewhere for your record) 

8. Open a new browser instance and go to 

9. Enter the API credentials that you have created 

10. Create a new password for the API credentials (max: 15 characters), save somewhere for your record. 

 STEP 2:  Email InStream With API User ID and Password

Please send an email to InStream with the following information:


SUBJECT:  New Integration – [your firm name]



Can you please set up a new integration with Orion Advisor Services with the following credentials:

API Account User ID: (api_YourFirmName_inStream)

Password:  The password will be sent in a separate email.

  1. Create a second separate email with the following information:

*Please do not reply to the first email


SUBJECT:  New Integration – [your firm name]


API Account password:  [Password]

If you have any trouble obtaining the service id, your Orion representative can help you set your data credentials in Orion Connect to obtain this information.

As mentioned above, we recommend you send the API account user id and password in separate emails for security purposes.  Once received, we will send you a confirmation e-mail and you'll be ready to start importing your clients.

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