How to Create an Allocation Glide Path

Glide Paths are one of the many useful tools that you can use in inStream.  They are great for planning for a specific objective, such as education or retirement, as they allow you to make changes to the allocations based on age, rather than year.  Additionally, they are incredibly useful for creating a quick plan for prospects or a quick scenario plan test.  

To use the Glide Path tool, you must first create a Glide Path.  To do so, sign is an advisor, and then proceed to the Settings section of inStream.  It is important to note that Glide Paths are advisor-specific and are not shared across a firm.  

Next, select the Glide Paths section then click Add New Glidepath

Next, you must fill out all of the pertinent information: Glide Path Name, Model, Start Age, # of Years, and End Age then click Save.

Next, you will be able to edit your model and add new Model periods if you wish.  To do so, simply click Edit to change any of the existing Model periods, or if you wish to add a new Model period, click Add New ModelHow_to_Create_a_Glide_Path__Image_4.jpgNow, when creating a plan, rather than editing the allocation section, you can simply select one of your Glide Paths.

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