Adding a Scenario Goal to a Plan

As you are building plans in inStream, you may want to model a scenario goal for your clients. Your clients may want to know how their situation would change if they retired earlier or bought that condo on the beach.

First, go to the plan you want to add the scenario goal to, click on Goals then Add New Goal.

Enter in a description and who the scenario goal applies to within the household. Enter in the annual amount, start year, end year, and an inflation amount if necessary. Click Save after everything has been entered for the scenario goal.

To create a scenario goal, make sure that "copy this goal to the profile" remains unchecked.  This will ensure the goal is not added to the client profile.

Once you have clicked Save, the new scenario goal displays at the bottom of the plan. You will need to re-calculate the plan to incorporate the new goal. Click the Calculate button.


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