Using the Present Value / Future Value Toggle

The Present Value/Future Value (PV/FV) Toggle is located in two places within inStream. The first toggle is on the Goals-Based plan output page. The second is located in the Plan Analysis Section of the templates located in the View Output section. These two toggles will change the plan output to terms of future dollars. This simply means that it will inflate the present value output at 3% per year.

Using the first Present Value/Future Value (PV/FV) Toggle is a simple process within inStream’s user interface. To use this toggle, you must first create a Goals-Based plan. When you calculate a plan output, select the Gear icon as seen in the image below.

To present the plan output in terms of future dollars, you must simply click the Use Future Values Toggle, as shown below.  

As you can see, the Shortfall Analysis median, the Cumulative Wealth Summary, and even the Wealth Over Time graph have all been changed to show future values rather than present values. If you want to switch back to a plan output shown in present value, then you must simply hit the toggle again.

Future Dollars in the Plan

By default the plan output will display the numbers in Present Dollars. If you want to change those numbers to Future Dollars, you must first click the View Output button within a plan.

Next, select a template that has the Plan Analysis section.  If you have not made such a template, you can click the Add Page button on the left side of your screen to add the Plan Analysis section.


Next, click the expand button for the Plan Analysis section.


Lastly, simply click on the Show in Future Dollars toggle.


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