How to Share Clients between Advisors


If your firm has Firm-wide Access


  1. Login as Advisor
  2. Click on ‘Clients’ tab
  3. Select dropdown box > ‘All Clients’ to show every client in the firmArticle1.jpg



If your firm has Advisor-wide  Access


If the firm is set up to have only advisor level access, the Administrator of the firm needs to set up a team or teams to be able to share clients. The Administrator can do this by:


  1. Logging in as an Administrator
  2. Click on Teams > select  + Add New Team > Insert team name
  3. Under Team Members sub-tab > select  + Add Team Member > Then add the Advisor(s) you want associated in that teamAtricle_2.jpg
  4. Next click on the 'Clients' sub-tab on the same screen > select  + Add Team clients to select the clients you would like to share with other advisors in your firmArticle_3.jpg
  5. The advisors on that team will then be able to access those clients by signing in as Advisor > clicking on the ‘Clients’ tab > Dropdown box and selecting the team namearticle_5.jpg
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