How to manage deceased clients or spouses

When the deceased person is the primary client

If the deceased person is the primary client, you will need to make the co-client (or the surviving spouse) the primary client. You can do this by clicking on the client’s name (as shown below) to remove the deceased client’s information and replace that with the co-client’s.  Do not input the deceased client as the co-client; there should only be one client (surviving spouse) in the profile afterwards.  NOTE: Accounts will automatically be set to household.  You can rename the accounts as you see fit.



When the deceased person is the co-client or spouse

If the deceased person is the co-client (or spouse), then remove the co-client from the Profile tab.  All accounts associated with the co-client will automatically change to household.  

Alternatively, if you want to keep the deceased client/co-client’s information in the profile

If a client/co-client deceases and you do not want to remove them from the profile, then 1) you need to add a “(Deceased)” next to the client/co-client’s name and 2) set all accounts that were associated with the deceased party to the surviving party as shown below:



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