How to Change the Morningstar Index Return Period

inStream's Asset Class Wizard allows you to change the the time period of the historical returns on your asset classes without having to create new asset classes.   

Please note making changes to the returns will require you to recalculate your plans.

This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Login to inStream as an Admin
  2. Go to Settings > Asset Classes
  3. Click Add/Delete Asset Classes



  1. Click 'Yes' at the bottom of the page Welcome to Asset Class Wizard and proceed


  1. Click Next until you get to Step 4 of 7: Mapping to Morningstar Index
  2. Choose between the 5-Year Average Returns, 10-Year Average Returns, or Average Returns from Inception options.


  1. Click Next until you get to Step 7 of 7 and then click Save!
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