Release - Deployed 07/15/2017


  • Ability to add new insurance policy from Profile>Net Worth section.
  • Asset class Editor User Interface enhancements, including ability to filter the selected asset class indices for easier navigation. 
  • Change to the Annualized return and standard deviation location in the Custom Value interface.
  • Enhancements to system notifications including maintenance alerts, expired subscriptions, copied plan incomes.
  • Changes to Tax titles, from “Tax” to “Federal Tax”.
  • Ability to choose how to incorporate fees on cashflow; distribution or reduce net return.  For more information, pleases click here.
  • Ability to upload the death benefits summary via CSV. When user clicks "view reports" for an insurance input, it shows a table of death benefits related to the insurance, we now allow user to download to CSV, make changes to the numbers and upload.
  • Update Morningstar to retrieve data from all share classes.
  • In SSR plans, added the marginal taxes tab to the tax plan card.



  • Client Portal (beta) User interface updates
  • Marginal Tax defaults, AGI & Effective tax rate calculation updates
  • Allocation pie charts colors and formatting
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow you to delete archived clients.
  • Fixed Profile Completeness status bar
  • Various Bug Fixes



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