Release - Deployed 04/29/2017


  • Update to our 2017 pricing table
  • Documents are now available as a sharing option in client portal
  • Empty sections in the net worth report are now removed from PDF output
  • Credit card logos are now added to payment screens
  • Various other UI enhancements


  • Key dates are now importing properly when using the CSV upload
  • Changing the client or co-client ages will now force a plan recalculation on any affected plans
  • Editing an advisor model in the settings section will force a recalculation on any affected plans
  • Allocation graphs in the report output are now appearing normally
  • Deleting a co-client is no longer causing an error with affected plans
  • Security weights for investment models are now adding up properly
  • Annual distribution amount for SSR plans is now appearing as expected
  • Future value toggle for SSR plans now functioning correctly
  • Ability to un-assign a team member now working properly
  • 90th, 50th, and 10th percentile information in plan comparison is now fully displayed
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