How Do I Pro-Rate Variables that Occur in the First Year of the Plan?

inStream allows you to pro-rate a plan’s current year’s goals, contributions, income, withdrawals, fees, and returns based on remaining days in the year

The following steps show you how to  pro-rate the first year inputs in the plan:

  1. Select a client
  2. View Plans
  3. Select a specific plan
  4. Select the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the plan screen
  5. Look for the Pro Rate toggle and slide to ON.
  6. The plan will then need to be recalculated.

For example, we have a $50,000 education goal that starts this year and ends in 2020.  

By turning on the pro-rate feature you will see the goal reduced to $47,534 to account for the days remaining in the year.


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